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Getting error for acquiring UBL with redshift

After applying limits to the Job submitted. The job is not to start rendering with Maya and the redshift renderer combination. Job is only in queue status infinitely

Hello @Abhi_savadiya

Thanks for reaching out. Worker logs should be helpful in finding out the reason. Follow below to troubleshoot:

  1. Right click the job in question> Find Render Candidates> Spot the Workers here which are able to render the job
  2. From step#1 you have spotted the Worker which is available to render, connect to its logs from Deadline Monitor> Worker Panel> Select it> Right Menu> Connect to Worker Logs> Share them here.

Maya (and Autodesk products) UBL can only be used on AWS so if you are using it on prem the Worker will not pick up the job. Worker logs will help in this case.

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