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Harmon 21 Support

I am trying to get Harmony 21 to work with Deadline I used it once before with Harmony 14.

At the moment I can’t get any option to work, using the submitted script in Harmony fails and if I try and do it in the monitor (Database Scene) I get an error saying the scene cannot be found.

I have added 21 to the list of executables.

I think reading through a few other posts it may be attempting to use /USA_DB/jobs to find the scene Have anyone manage to get Harmony 20 working with Deadline

This is on macOS but Harmony does not default to that path anymore. The executable reads a shortcuts.conf file in it’s TBA folder that has the paths to USA_DB and any relevant scenes folders.

On macOS I can’t put a folder/file in / as it’s read only now.

Also I seem to be missing something as I cannot find out how to get the log from the to help debug this.

Did you put in a support ticket for this feature request? Make sure to do so and reference this post in the ticket.

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