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When XMesh creates an XMesh object from the saver, it fails to parent the new XMesh Object to the saved object’s parent.

I was unable to reproduce this in a simple test. Can you provide a simple scene that showcases the issue?

I did this:

  • Created a Cylinder, added a Bend modifier, animated Bend angle over time
  • Created a Sphere, animated the position of the Sphere.
  • Parented the Cylinder to the Sphere, resulting in both translation and bending animations.
  • With the Cylinder selected, opened XMesh Saver.
  • Set the Save mode to OBJECT SPACE
  • Made sure an XMesh Loader will be created
  • Under Advanced rollout, switched the “When In Object Space” drop-down list to “Link to Source’s PARENT”.
  • Saved the Cylinder to an XMesh sequence over 101 frames.

RESULT: The new XMesh Loader was parented correctly to the Sphere, and matched the animation of the original parented Cylinder.

  • Switching the saving mode to a World Space option disables the parenting, since the “When In Object Space” list obviously requires object space.

However, it is possible that this mechanism fails in more complex scenes, so if you can provide one that illustrates the issue (preferably saved after an XMesh Saver session so I can access the XMesh Saver History), it would be very helpful!

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