Hiero Submission Version Missing


The version selection dropdown menu in the Hiero submission doesn’t allow us to access the latest version. I commented out line 321 in SubmitHieroToDeadline.py and made the tuple smaller and it fixes the error. Looks like we’ve hit the maximum number of items for the combobox?

nukeVersions = (“6.0”,“6.1”,“6.2”,“6.3”,“6.4”,“7.0”,“7.1”,“7.2”,“7.3”,“7.4”,“8.0”,“8.1”,“8.2”,“8.3”,“8.4”,“9.0”,“9.1”,“9.2”,“9.3”,“9.4”,“10.0”,“10.1”,“10.2”,“10.3”,“10.4”,“11.0”,“11.1”,“11.2”,“11.3”,“12.0”)

nukeVersions = (“11.3”, “12.0”)

We’re on Deadline and and both have the same error.

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