Hiero submit problem

Hi, we are testing hiero, and having problems with the submit script. The submit to deadline option is in the right place, so we can click on it, the submit dialog comes up, but after submitting the job, nothing happens, only syncing the deadline dialog parameters. We found that the addjob function is not called. What function should call it? Also we are not sure the initDict parameters are present, where should those come from?


Can I ask you to use script listener to see if there is anything showing up there? It could be something we haven’t accounted for in our script.

Hi, sorry for the late reply! The last message in the script editor after I submit the job is this:
“Saving settings: C:\Users\xxx.hiero\deadline_settings.ini”
But the job is not submitted. Is this any help?


Is there anything else in the listener? We’d like to see everything if possible.

Hello, I know this topic is old, but Im facing exactly the same problem. I installed the deadline submission in Hiero, I can see the option in Export Window, its opening the submission window after that, but is not actually sending to deadline.
Digging into the code, I came to the same conclusion, the self.addJob is not getting called anywhere in DeadlineRenderSubmission class.
I assume this function is supposed to call in the derived class hiero.exporters.FnSubmission, but its not working. I tried to force call self.addJob but I dont have variables like jobType, initDict, filePath…
Anyway, I`m stucked with this issue.
Anyone can give me an idea to solve this, please?

Thank you,

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