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Houdini 19 Support Request #2

This message is for Deadline Support Staff.

When are we getting Official Houdini 19 support?

The other thread I started didn’t help much and basically just created more confusion with all the patches required etc…


i do understand your frustration, but unfortunately i cant help you out, and im not sure whats going on with Bobo he’s been away for a long time now, hope he is fine…


Bumping this thread.

Why do we even need version updates for this, why can’t we simply add a custom version in the GUI? Thinkbox should open this up and make it way easier without requiring hacks and patches. Same story every Houdini release.


H19 uses python 3 by default, so there is that.
Regarding adding new major versions from the gui - would be nice indeed. The fix to the param file is quite easy, though.

At this point I’m looking into alternatives to Deadline like OpenCue and some general purpose queue managers. If I’m going to write my own Karma plugins then I’m not going to tie them to Deadline. It’s been 3 months since Houdini 19.0 launched with Karma as the preferred renderer and more than 2 years since Houdini 18.0 with a beta of Karma. Seems like sufficient time to respond unless it’s not a priority.

let me know how did it go with openCue, im also checking out some alternatives

Hello guys!

Yesterday I found this option too, I haven’t tested yet but maybe can work for some of you:

It’s quite basic and windows only which is a limiting factor. Prism itself is awesome though and well worth a look at.

OpenCue needs a lot of work also. RoyalRender is probably next best for Houdini

none of them are as easy to set-up as Deadline though and this was always Deadlines strong point, it had an easy onboarding process and nice UI, so dominates the market.

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