Houdini and resdhift - taks on deadline a lot slower compared to rendering form Hudini GUI

I was suspecting this for some time now but decided to finally test and it proved right.
For example, when I submit the Maya redshift job, rendering 1 frame per task, the first task/frame takes a bit longer, loading scene and all especially if scenes are more complex, but after that, there is no loading again, it just straight render next frame and then next…so the first frame is slower others are faster.
But with Houdini seems like every task/frame scene is loaded all over again, as each frame is taking the time.
This test I did, opened a scene and run render to disk, 10 frames, it was done in 40 minutes.
Submitted same scene, same frames to the deadline, 1 frame per task and now each frame is taking 17-18minutes. This is a huge performance hit and makes no sense to submit and render on deadline with this time difference.
Now Is there something I’m missing here when submitting or?
The machine is Linux fedora 33, Houdini 18.5.462, redshift 3.0.37, and deadline v10.1.13.1

found the same issue her so will continue on t his topic:

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