Houdini IFD generation using GUI license

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to figure out how to setup our farm so that when people leave their desk and idle detection kicks in their workstation turns into a rednernode.
That all works…

How do I make sure that certain artist machines use a Houdini GUI license to Generate their IFD’s though?

If I add them to the exclude list on the limit and add them in the houdini plugin settings as “Use Escape License” I will still get a License Error.

Also since Deadline Mentions an Escape License, since they dont exist anymore, perhaps the deadline functionality that handles this needs an update?

Deadline v10.0.27.3
Windows 7 and 10 Mixed farm/Workstations

Hey @RicardoMusch,

Did you ever get to the bottom of this?

I’m looking into this for someone else, launching hython on the machine correctly grabs an engine license but running through deadline pulls a full license.

Not sure why, it’s not on all machines either

Hey Anthony, I think I modified the houdini render plugin to set a var or something, let me dig it up!

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If anyone else has this issue there is a fix being worked on, while it it possible to hard code in the worker to grab an engine licenses this isn’t best for workstations flipping between the full FX license and rendering Engine license.

Should be a fix coming next year

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Sorry, been busy!

I seem to have edited this line:

line 269 in Houdini.py

self.SetEnvironmentVariable(“HOUDINI_SCRIPT_LICENSE”, “hescape”)


self.SetProcessEnvironmentVariable(“HOUDINI_SCRIPT_LICENSE”, “hbatch”)

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Is there a way via deadlinecommand to edit the list of interactive users using houdini?
So I could make a thing that edits that list on Launch of interactive houdini?

Otherwise you’re having to manually keep track of which machines people sit and work on houdini :confused:

Thanks Ricardo

this was something I was looking at with @eamsler and another client.

After discovering the same change you made we discussed the same problem!

I think it’ll be looked into and developed into a further release in the new year .

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