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Houdini Job Submission - Environment Variables?

I need to set environment variables for a job submitted from Houdini. They need to be env vars that appear in Job Properties > Environment, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to do this in the Deadline node or in Render > Submit to Deadline .
I know that Aliases & Variables and be used for variables inside of Houdini, but that is not what I need.

This is not supported out of the box. It would not be very difficult to implement.

+1 to @mois.moshev, this is not supported as of yet in the Houdini submitter. You could use the “IncludeEnvironment” as it will automatically grab all the environment variables from the submitter’s environment and set them as the job’s environment variables.

To enable this as a part of the submission script, follow this:

Edit the submission script /[repo]/submission/[plugin]/Main/[SubmitPluginToDeadline] or where the job info file is created. Some examples are below:

Following line numbers are with regards to Deadline Look for JobInfo or filehandle in the submission:

  • For Houdini it’s in [repo]\submission\Houdini\Main\SubmitHoudiniToDeadlineFunctions add it around : L#668 - L#683 under
jobInfoFile = os.path.join(homeDir, "temp", "houdini_submit_info%d.job") % ( wedgeNum * regionJobCount + regionjobNum )
              with open( jobInfoFile, "w" ) as fileHandle:

You can also make use of to set the environment variable and can also path map them, because we don’t path map env vars.
More information here: Render Environment — Deadline documentation
Application Plugins — Deadline documentation

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Thanks @karpreet I’ll look into those!

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