Houdini PRT Export


I am in the proccess of learning the new Houdini 13 particle system and I would still like to be able to render using my Cinema4d Krakatoa license. I see ThinkBox has a python script to export PRT from Houdini but it only lists it for Windows and Linux. Is there a way to use this script on a Mac? I am able to export from Houdini as Alembic but that only gives the particle position so not the velocity or color data. Any information would be awesome if this is possible.

The script I am talking about: https://github.com/ThinkboxSoftware/HoudiniPRTExporter



Hi Patrick, we are currently working on our Houdini 13 plugin it should be ready to go sometime around a week from now.

In the past we haven’t built for OS X, but we should be able to do so for the next version. I will investigate further on how to get it working on OS X.


Great! Thank you for that information.


All done, you can download it here: