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Houdini Redshift Solaris GPU affinity

Just tried out Redshift + Solaris + Deadline for the first time today. Is there any way to get GPU affinity working now? Seen a couple of old threads on here asking the same thing but can’t seem to find any updated info.

Thanks in advance!

Looking at the ticket system, I’m not finding anyone hitting a wall with that combination recently. We did fix an issue with Redshift GPU affinity not being correctly applied a couple years ago, which may be contributing to what you’ve seen.

Let us know what kind of issues you’re seeing!

Gotcha! Thanks for the response.

Looking at the redshift logs, it seems like all of my 3 GPUs are used even though GPU affinity is set for my workers (checked with nvidia-smi in the terminal in order to make sure).

Regular (non-solaris) submission + GPU affinity works great. Is it something that isn’t supported for solaris yet or could I be doing something wrong?

I’m on Ubuntu 20.04, Deadline, Houdini 19.5.435 and Redshift 3.5.12. Happy to support a ticket instead if that’s better! Just wanted to check here if there was any solutions I was missing.

I’d point the finger at our Solaris support I’d have to compare a correct non-Solaris log with one that’s wrong. I’d bet that we’re either passing the wrong GPU affinity flags or not passing them at all.

Unless someone else knows what’s up, I think pulling apart some logs is my next step to get this figured out for you.

If anyone else finds this post looking for the same thing I just submitted a ticket and got the answer that this isn’t supported yet. So here’s to hoping it will be available in a release soon!

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