Houdini + redshift + solaris/usd gpu affinity

Hi everyone! i am seeing quite a few SOLARIS + HOUDINI related questions here already ; )

i am also testing out SOLARIS before implementing into production.

i am having difficulty with setting up GPU AFFINITY.

i have a single RENDER NODE with 2 x RTX3090 installed. and when i render animation, found GPU AFFINITY is so much faster (1 GPU per each frame, instead of 2 GPU per frame).

so i have setup deadline submission with GPU affinity of 1 per task,

DEADLINE will take on 2 task but will render both of those task on GPU0 only.

anybody know if rendering USD + REDSHIFT with GPU AFFINITY possible?

Thank you in advance

found the reason,

in SOLARIS/LOPS, in RENDER_SETTINGS node, at the very end of REDSHIFT settings tab, there is a TAB called CONFIGS (which i don’t remember seeing in HOUDINI context).

here as default, only GPU0 is enabled.

once i activated GPU1 as well, GPU affinity is working fine as intended.

for anybody else who might run into this issue.


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Great good to know, we have been struggling with GPU affinity even without SOLARIS/LOPS.

may i ask how you are submitting to Deadline from the Stage/Lops kontext, i thought its not supported yet? Are you using Houdini 18.5?

Would really appreciate any help/hints on how to get Solaris/Lops going with deadline and redshift

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