Houdini - Redshift Tile Rendering


I just started using Deadline with Houdini and Redshift. I am running into the following error when i try to open the Jigsaw window in Tile Rendering with Redshift:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “E:/DeadlineRepository10/submission/Houdini/Main\SubmitHoudiniToDeadline.py”, line 972, in OpenJigsaw
camera = rop.parm( “camera” ).eval()
AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘eval’

If i use the same camera with a Mantra ROP it works just fine. Normal Tile Rendering without Jigsaw doesn’t work either. Am i missing something?

Thank you in advance for any kind of help!

It looks like we’re not finding the camera on that ROP. This sounds familiar, but the error “such and such object has no attribute” is pretty common. What version of Deadline are you on?

I am on version

Hmm. I’ll have to cut a ticket. I found the code in question. I’m not sure if we can support Redshift yet and I’ll have to loop in the dev team to find out.

Update: Does Redshift support region rendering? I found a note internally from two years ago for Maya saying it wasn’t implemented then and I made it about two pages into Google for “redshift region rendering” and didn’t find a single page saying it was possible.

Yes, Redshift does have Region Rendering. And i’ve also heard that people use Redshift + Deadline Tile Rendering successfully.

I’ve heard back from the dev team that we don’t officially support Redshift tile rendering in Houdini just yet, but it is supported in Mantra. Do you know how other folks have been doing it?

Unfortunately i don’t. I’ll ask around! Thank you for the quick help.

Hello is this still the case? Redshift tile rendering not supported in Houdini?

just looking for tiled rendering with redshift in houdini as well, run into this post so figured to +1 on this one

I get requests for this also, would be interested to find out how other people are working around this, especially for large print size images.

Does submitting regions work? sounds like it should be implementable in Deadline

I just tried again and even tho tiled renderingis setup it just suybmits frame sequence, 1 node per gfram,e no tiled jobs…

I don’t see where you can set region renders other than the IPR window, if this info can’t be passed then then region workaround can’t be done

Deadline render node

yeah, i meant in Redshift itself rather than the Deadline submitter, there is no option in the ROP or elsewhere that you can override the region? if so you could split the image and have 4x ROP’s each with a quarter of the image etc, this would show in principle it’s possible to do.

No there are no tiling options in redshift ROP

I can’t see any either, in Maya you can submit a Maya & RS job and use tiling OK, when you pick RS export you lose the option to tile.

but as you can do it this way in Maya it should be possible in Houdini

Don’t know if @Dominik ever found out if it was possible

Any update on this?
RS dev thinking it might be a Deadline limitation as of June 2020: Houdini tile rendering with ASW Deadline | Redshift (redshift3d.com)


+1 here too. Would be great if this was supported in the Deadline submitter

The Redshift team seems very open to making this possible if there are limitations on the Redshift side. I’ve done tile rendering in Maya with Redshift and Deadline no problems and it’s great.

Is there any progress here?

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