Houdini ROP output not updating

I keep seeing a strange issue here. I’m not quite sure where the fault lies. I’ll try to explain as best possible;

Houdini 18, Deadline 10.1.4 (and previous versions), Redshift 3.

For example, I’m rendering still frames and submitting them to Deadline along with the Houdini Scene. As I go I just change the filename in the Redshift output ROP. v01, v02, v03 etc.
But it seems there’s some sort of cache or something here, not updating the actual output. So as I go and submit renders, one of the previous output files keeps getting overwritten instead.
If I locally do a render/save to disk, it’s fine and have the correct output name. Also seems to be fine on Deadline if I duplicate the whole rendering node before submitting.

It’s just strange. Might not be a Deadline issue, but I only see the problem when submitting the jobs to deadline. Wondering if there’s some sort of caching going on where it pulls the filename from an old save? Sorry I cannot explain this better in detail.

I think I see why this is happening now. While normally $F is the frame variable from Houdini, Deadline seems to change any numbering at the end of a filename with ## or frame number.

While my output it set to myimage_v02.exr, the Monitor shows the output is myimage_v##.exr
Can this be corrected somehow?

EDIT: I am submitting each frame with the overwrite frame in the submitter on. There is another bug in the submitter when the ROP is set to Render Current Frame only, the submitter still submits the full frame range. The ## padding might be related to the override frame range being enabled and set to frame 1 only.