Houdini Submitter Installer



I think there may be an issue with the submission installer for Deadline 10 and Houdini 16.0.705. When it runs it asks for administrator credentials which is fine. But it then installs to c:/users/admin/appdata folder and puts the admin user in the houdini.env file rather than the active user. As most users are not admin this means I’ve had to copy to files out to the local user to make it work and change the variables to get it to work.




Hmm… This is the first I’ve heard of it, but we did make some changed to the submitter in 10. I’ll hand off to the integration team and see what comes up.


Hey Nick,

Is this explicitly happening on the windows installer for the Houdini submitter installer? Which specific version of Deadline 10? I’m trying to recreate the scenario over here, but it never prompts me for admin credentials.



I spoke too soon. Edwin helped me reproduce this issue, and I believe we have a solution for it. I’m hoping we can get it into the next Deadline release.