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Houdini + Vray frames per task bug

I have found a bug in vray and houdini, in all versions of houdini that I have installed, when we send a task we need to distribute the tasks frame by frame, but with vray we put frame sper task = 1

If we try with mantra,arnold,redshift it works fine or other 3D software…

I’ve tested this with Houdini 19.0.589 and Deadline and I’m not encountering the same behaviour.

With these settings:

I get a job with 240 single frame tasks. If you’re running the same version of Deadline I am, I’d like to see what’s in the ‘Houdini Console’ window after your submission. I wonder if there might be a warning there to point out what’s wrong.


We are using Deadline and houdini 19.0.622 Py3.

I have retested and confirm that it happens only with vray houdini.

This is what the houdini window tells me when submitting the job.

//” is already in the system path.
Getting sender information…
Creating submission dialog…
Initializing Callbacks…
Reading the configuration of C:\Usersers-AC-ND-BASIC-03\AppData “Local” in C:\Users-AC-ND-BASIC-03\AppData “Local” in C:\Users-AC-ND-BASIC-03\AppData “Local” in C:\Thinkbox\Deadline10\settings_py_submission.ini
No sanity check found

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