Houdini / VRay : no output file found when submitting job

Hi there,

I’m trying to submit a job to render a Houdini scene with a VRay Renderer. The main objectif is to create a Houdini job on Deadline : this one will have a render task that uses a VRay Renderer (ROP node) from the scene.

I tried two methods, and both finish by the same result : the job is marked as completed on Deadline, but I don’t find the output file.

In both cases, the output image file path is specified in the VRay Renderer ROP node, and then this node is connected to a submitter :

  • First method : submit a “Render Job” using the VRay Deadline ROP (provided with VRay for Houdini)

  • Second method : submit a job using the Deadline ROP node provided by Thinkbox

Did I miss anything to make it work properly ?

Houdini 18.5.406
VRay for Houdini 4.30.3

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you can do it without using a Deadline ROP and just submit via the menu.

You need to read through your log and see where (and if) the render output was rendered to.

The Deadline job should also have an output path in its properties.
Is it rendering to local disk by any chance?

indeed, but i wanted to compare the two submitters

the issue is that the log was indicating the output file, but there was nothing there

yes, it’s correctly indicated in deadline

it seems that the problems comes from houdini / vray version

i have both houdini 18.5.408 and 18.5.532 : in deadline configuration, it looks for 18.5.532 first (for security resons on the farm i have to keep it this way)

however, vray is only installed for 18.5.408 and in the log i found that deadline looks always for the 18.5.532 version of houdini, there’s no vray for this one so houdini replaces the vray nodes by dummy nodes, and it renders nothing

the vray version i am using (4.30) is unfortunately not available for houdini 18.5.532, so i will have to test with another version of houdini

i will keep you updated if this works

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Glad you got it figured out. Also if you are exporting vrscenes, make sure the vray standalone version/executable matches.

thanks for the hint

so as expected, this problem comes from the version compatibility between houdini and vray

i tested with houdini 18.0.566 and vray 4.30 for houdini 18.0.566 and everything was fine, the output file was correctly rendered to the specified location at the end of deadline job

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