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How do you show particle count on Mac OSX?

I have seen ways of displaying the Krakatoa particle count on Windows machines using the Output Window. How do you show the count on a Mac? If it is by using the Console in Utilities, exactly how?

Hi Litote. It’s possible to get similar behavior to the Windows output window in OS X by launching Maya through Terminal. To do this, open Terminal (it should be in /Applications/Utilities/) and then type in /Applications/Autodesk/maya2017/ and press enter/return (replace 2017 with whichever version of Maya you’re using). What’s normally displayed in the output window on Windows will then be displayed in the terminal window. Be careful not to close the Terminal window or quit Terminal if you open Maya this way though, as that will cause Maya to close as well.

Brilliant! Thanks Evan! Very concise.

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