how to get UVW with frost?


Hi people

i have to create a lava like effect and i’m using PFlow with box2…it’s ok for prototiping at this stage
then i was planning to mesh the shape with frost but i can’t find a good way to have the txture coordinates in the way to use a procedural map

i had a read to the documentation and had a search on the web about this but it looks like that frost misses this feature…

so how can I generate UVW? any good advise it is very wellcome

thanks in advace



just to give an idea of what i need


Frost reads the UVs of the particles (just like the RealFlow video says “UV by particle”).
So you need to assign UVs to the particles at the beginning inside of PFlow, and make the UVs stick to the particles as they move.
Then Frost will average the UVs of the particles the mesh is made of, and they will move and stretch in a similar way.

It is totally doable, but it is not a flip of a checkbox, you actually have to make it happen yourself.

Here is a simple demo video (not using Box2) showing how UVs go from PFlow to Frost:


thanks a lot Bobo!!

will try this…it looks exactly what i need :wink:


Hi Bobo just one more question

how to manage the same in TP?!?

i assigned UV and material to particles so they match perfectly in color the surface they are coming from
then i selected them in frost and assigned the same material to frost but at render time frost misses the UV

what’s wrong on this?!?

i attach a simple scene so you can check if something is missing


Thinking Particles stores UV and Material information in the particle shape meshes, and does not expose that information to its SDK. So we have no way of reading that data into any of our products.
In Particle Flow, each point in space can have a UV channel value, in TP, each vertex of the mesh assigned to a particle stores the UVs. You can try creating a custom vector channel in TP named Color that contains the UV data (just like you have to do to pass a Color value to Frost or Krakatoa), and then use the Vertex Color channel as the mapping channel for Frost.

But in general, as far as I know you cannot get most of the TP data out of it to Krakatoa or Frost due to the way it was designed. It was not intended for heavy point clouds, but for heavy mesh-based particles. If something has changed in the more recent releases, it would be news to me.

If any TP power-user is reading this and knows a way around this, please let us know!


On TP Make a data channel named TextureCoord as point 3 it will be load on frost mesh as UV layer/channel 1.
Or Make a custum channel named Color as a color => frost will read it as a vertex color channel to texture it.

Custum data channel like “Mapping2” to 99 could be use also as UV layer/channel 2 to 99…but must be point 3 data value or color…So if you need to export a float value (like temperature, convert float to point 3 before sending to point 3 value (this will result in a non clamp value to send to mapping…)

tPsupport perfectly some millions of particles point cached with the new .tpc format (but channel manipulation have to be done before caching for value), for more particle you will need Krakatoa or a bit of maxscripting to make multiple time the same cache with different random seed.

For “Post cache” channel tweaking Krakatoa is still the way to go…same as converting float to point 3, but well we can style remap some value using some naming convention…


Nice, thank you for the explanation!