How to setup a plug-in for License Forwarding and UBL

Hello! We are trying to setup UBL for Clarisse with Dynamic Licensing, but so far we haven’t been able to get it to work. We’ve gone through all the docs we can find. We have a License Forwarder running, we have license Limits setup, and we’re applying those Limits to our jobs.

In case it’s relevant – we’re not using AWS, but we are setup on the Thinkbox Marketplace, and all those settings are also in place.

I’ve been modifying the plug-in for Clarisse, and until now we’ve had a config value passing our local (floating) license server directly to cnode on the command line (–license-server). My question is, with Dynamic Licensing and UBL, how does Clarisse (or any DCC) usually know where to get its license? How does Deadline specify this?

We tried specifying the License Forwarder server on the command-line to cnode, but this didn’t work. Even if this had worked, I don’t understand how the Dynamic Licensing then could have worked, since there’s nowhere to specify our local license server with the License Forwarder.

Any help or steering in the right direction would be much appreciated!