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How to support multiple houdini builds

I’m trying to understand how to support multiple builds of the same houdini version. I.E. 19.0.498 and 19.0.589?

Nevermind, I found another post about this already.

You need to modify the submitter and plugin. I believe I posted an example elsewhere on the forum.

Sorry bringing this back up again with a slightly different wrinkle. So I have it all sorted to submit different houdini versions and it gets the redshift version properly from the houdini package as long as you are not submitting with the redshift export option. Great, but due to limited amount of hengine licenses we prefer to submit jobs with the redshift export option enabled. When I do that the houdini job works fine, generating the .rs files with the appropriate redshift version, but the redshift job used the redshiftCommandLine from the deadline plugins configuration. I can see in the where it is calling the plugin version but I am assuming this value is falling back to the default value of 1.
I assume that this version should be a field in the redshift settings in the job, but I don’t see a version field there.
I have two ideas how to tackle this but wanted to see if someone can confirm either option:

  1. Add the version field to the redshift settings on the redshift jobs (not certain how to do this)
  2. Set the Redshift 1 Executable path to use the REDSHIFT_COREDATAPATH environment variable (not certain that if it can interpret variables and don’t want to disrupt the active use of the farm by testing this and breaking jobs)

I’ve done this by using an Event plugin that reads the env var from the job and passes these to the job, the RS env vars can be chosen and should be used accordingly.

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