I can't contact the Instance Worker with the UBL

I use Nuke UBL.

Attaching UBLs to local machines worked well, but not to Instance Worker.

I logged in to the instance worker and found deadline running, with our local worker.
So rather than a connection problem, I guess it’s a license forwarder problem.

I attach a screenshot.

I’m not sold on this being UBL, that pile of errors are all about talking to Asset Server.

Could you share the Asset Server log from when you ran this test? And could you let me know which version of Deadline you’re running?

The Asset Server logs will be in %PROGRAMDATA%\Thinkbox\AWSPortalAssetServer\logs\ (paste that into the Start menu search field).

And the Deadline version is accessible from the Monitor by going to Help->About Deadline Monitor.


I can only attach the image file, so I send it as a capture. The above logs keeps repeating.

And the Deadline monitor version that we are using is as follows.

Deadline Monitor 10.1

A queue and network monitoring tool for the Deadline Render Management System

Deadline Client Version: Release (d3559fe75)
FranticX Client Version: Release (4f23edaf5)

License Mode: Usage Based

Repository Version: (d3559fe75)
Integration Version: (d3559fe75)
3PL Settings Version: 30/06/2021

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