I think I found a bug with evaluating variables


You seem to have added some new code in the hrender_dl.py for Deadline that breaks renders which use variables in the output path in the redshift node. (I updated from

I now get this error:

2021-07-21 12:30:34: 0: STDOUT: Creating the output directory “//server/jobs/$GW_JOB/films/$GW_FILM/shots/$GW_SHOT/renders/$GW_ELEMENT/$OS/$GW_VERSION”
2021-07-21 12:30:34: 0: STDOUT: Failed to create output directory “//server/jobs/$GW_JOB/films/$GW_FILM/shots/$GW_SHOT/renders/$GW_ELEMENT/$OS/$GW_VERSION”. The path may be invalid or permissions may not be sufficient.
2021-07-21 12:30:34: 0: STDOUT: Error: Caught exception: [Error 5] Access is denied: ‘//server/jobs/$GW_JOB’

Whereas before these variables were evaluated… now they are not…

This is the extra code that I noticed you added:

            # create the output directory
            output_folder = os.path.dirname(output)
            if not os.path.isdir(output_folder):
                    print( 'Creating the output directory "%s"' % output_folder )
                    print( 'Failed to create output directory "%s". The path may be invalid or permissions may not be sufficient.' % output_folder )
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Update: It’s not even needed… When I comment it out our renders go through without error.

Can you please remove this code from the next release? Because otherwise I have to remember to comment this out every time I update Deadline in our office…


Thank you Shaun, this was an issue brought up in another thread, I’ll post your solution there

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So when output path is unevaluated string, it breaks obviously. Should be something like hou.expandString(output) to make sure variables are evaluated.


That looks like just the fix we need! I’ve added it to a file linked over here - Houdini/redshift, $HIP and $JOB paths no longer work - #10 by Justin_B

Thanks, I’ve got a bug report in with engineering to get this fixed.

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