(IMaxKrakatoaParticleInterface) create_stream crashes max


I’m trying to access a KrakatoaParticleStream using the SDK.

I can create my IMaxKrakatoaParticleInterface fine but if I call create_stream on an invalid frame (ie, a frame where the corresponding .prt file doesn’t exist), max crashes. It’s worth noting that on valid frames the stream is created without a problem.

If I call ‘FranticParticles.GetPRTObjectIStream’ on the node using maxscript at the problem frame, I get an appropriate error telling me the .prt file doesn’t exist. Is there an SDK function I can use to check for existing prt files that I can couch the call to create_stream inside?

Currently my workaround is to check if the stream can be created using the above maxscript function first, and if that completes without error then I create the stream in C++, but that’s not ideal.


Hi ivanisavich.

That definitely sounds like a bug, so I’ve logged it in our internal issue tracker.
I’m not aware of any other API call you might be able to use for a better workaround.