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I gave it a shot to Sequoia and I’m really impressed with what you have so far! I wish I had it 3 years ago working on Rebirth!
Are there any details coming for the multi-texture mapping and projections?

I also wonder, what’s the main target market you had in mind? VFX? Or Architecture/Heritage documentation?

Hi Patryk,

Thanks for the flowers!

We are currently working on one-click texture baking from any sources, which would allow you to generate an unwrapped UV texture or Ptex from:

  • Point Colors onto exported mesh (usually produces the best quality texture)
  • High-res unoptimized mesh vertex colors onto exported optimized mesh texture
  • Exported (optimized) mesh onto itself
  • Image projections (current feature)

In cases where the point cloud already contains color data, in v1.0 you have only the options to either export per-vertex colors which can be a problem when the mesh is highly optimized, or reproject screenshots of the high-res mesh onto the low-res mesh, which often does not cover all complex areas.

Multiple projections should work right now, what details are you missing?

The product is targeted mainly at the AEC market, with an emphasis on forensic scan reconstruction and architecture. However, a few VFX customers have embraced it too, to our surprise :slight_smile:

Starting to play with Sequoia.
Here’s a sample meshing of a 50M pointcloud.
I wonder what would be a suggested workflow for object with variable detail scale (like my fractal).
I would like to have my core/root meshed with something around R0.5 and the outer parts which have a lot of detail with 0.1 radius.
Is there any simple way of doing so or some kind of adaptive radius?
If there’s any tutorial, feel free to point me in a right direction.

The performance looks pretty good on low-spec machine (i7-3820).
Cant wait to check it with upcoming E5-2696 x2 workstation.

Due to the fact that no LiDAR scan even provides a Radius channel, we actually removed the option to use a Radius channel if there is one. :frowning:
(We were trying to keep the UI simple, and a checkbox “Use Radius Channel” made no sense given the target audience…
In Frost MX, one could set the Radius of the particles based on the average distance between the neighbor points using a Magma and a clone of the point loader.
In Sequoia 1.0, the assumption is that the Radius is constant and the distance between the points is also relatively consistent.
However, once we add Magma to some future version of Sequoia, I suspect the ability to mesh with a variable radius channel might return…

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