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Incomplete AOVs render Sequence with Deadline

Hi guys,

I have a weird issue rendering out aovs through deadline and wondering if anyone has had the same experience.

I am getting incomplete aovs rendering while using deadline. The renderlayer renders complete frames but aovs only does like 10frames. I have the frames per task at 5 but even at 1 frame
per task per its the same thing. All types of aovs are affected.

A walk around is to requeue the task then it works but thats not great as I have loads of frames.

Redshift 3.0.67
Maya 2022
3900x / 128GB / 2 x RTX 3090
5800x / 64GB / 1 x RTX 3090
Remote access depending where I am working.

Anyone else have this before?

Thanks in advance


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