InputTexMap - input node not available in Maya??


Hi again, I don’t see InputTexMap as an option for an Input node in the Magma Editor in Maya. I am used to having this available in 3DS Max. Is this another feature not supported in Maya?

I’d like to use a noise texture to jitter the position of the particles but I do not want to apply a noise texture map to my object. I tried using noise and vector noise to do this but I could not get it to work…

In any case I like having this input available for some of the effects I’d like to achieve.


While Magma itself does not provide a dedicated texture node, you can still feed in mapping information into Magma, or evaluate a texture on the particles based on Magma-generated channels.

The way this works is via the dedicated Apply Texture node which was available even before we added Magma to KMY:

In the Krakatoa Modifiers Editor, you can add an Apply Texture node and let it write to any (even custom) channel you would like. Then in Magma, simply add an InputChannel reading the same channel name, and the texture will be passed into the Magma flow.

You can see an example of this in this video, around time 2:20:

If your texture requires UV coordinates, you can use a Magma BEFORE the Apply Texture to generate them. Then the Apply Texture will evaluate the texture per particle based on the Magma channels, and output data that can go directly into Color, Density or whatever, or into another Magma to drive something else. This was used in the Environment Reflection example in this webinar video:
This is similar to generating UVs from Magma in KMX, and then assigning a Diffuse Map to a 3ds Max Standard Material to generate colors for particles under Magma control.


Thanks so much for the explanation and the links! I’ll give this a shot.