Install Mongo DB on different machine but keep Repository?


I currently have the Mogo DB on a Win7 workstation and the Repository on a NAS. The DB needs to be moved to another system (Win10 machine) but I want to keep the current repository where it is. What is the best way to do this?



Hello Mitch,

We have had to do this once or twice already , migrating the data base from one machine to another.

in a nut shell, you want stop eveything running on deadline.
use the following to do a backup of the databases in your mongodb:

mongodb is the command we use.

mongodump --host localhost --db deadline*db --out c:/output/folder

Once you have your backups,
use mongorestore to point to your folders of dumps.

lastly, before you start up the farm, you will need to edit the settings file in your repository folder:

"<repo path>\settings\connection.ini"

depending on how old your deadline version is, you may have a “dbConnect.xml” file that needs to be edited.

Hope this helps.