Installed Deadline as a deamon - Can't open Monitor


I reinstalled Deadline as a deamon on my linux system and now I am unable to open the deadline all the deadline programs (Monitor/worker/Launcher/Puls/Balancer)


Without any logs or errors it is going to be hard to troubleshoot.

Are you trying to open it from the GUI?

Sorry, but there are no errors or logs. It’s running but it wont open when I hit the icon in the start menu

Try starting them from the terminal. This might give you some errors for a starting point:

cd %ProgramFiles%/Thinkbox/Deadline10/bin

(windows example)


oh nice, didn’t thought about it… it opened!

ws@ws-MS-7A38:/opt/Thinkbox/Deadline10/bin$ ./deadlinelauncher.exe 
daemon was not added to the CommandLineParser.
daemon was not added to the CommandLineParser.
Port 17000 is already in use
Another Launcher is already running
Shutting down

Though I did manage to open the monitor, it didn’t work with the other applications, like launcher and Worker. That wouldn’t be the problem if it weren’t for the changing the region for region specific path mapping.

So is there maybe a way to change the region of the remote machine through a terminal command or through the repo via another pc?

That is the launcher, if you have installed it is already running.

What is the output from starting the monitor from the command line.

It worked with the monitor (no errors), but I have to change the region of the pc for some region related pathmapping, but I don’t know if I can change the region anywhere else besides rightclicking the launcher in the taskbar, which isn’t there but running.

Sorry, now I am with you…
I think you can configure the region as part of auto config.

Otherwise you need to stop the daemon instance of the launcher and start a manual instance.

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