Installing Client on Linux / Network Drive

I’m attempting to install the Deadline Client on a Linux (Pop_OS, basically Ubuntu) workstation.

My repository resides on a NAS, which the Linux filesystem can see fine but the Deadline installer is blind to.

I’m not mounted via the mnt or media directories, which means I don’t seem to have an expected explicit path.

Is there any way for me to find my way to the NAS via the client installer? I’ve tried a number of paths like afp://[NAS_name].local that work for other OSes.


No, you’ll need to have the system mount it to a folder. The same is even true on macOS. For Ubuntu, normally after mounting through Nautilus you’ll get a mount in your “media” folder which is the workflow on Mac.

Another option that’s helpful is to ditch the mount for the Repository altogether by using the Remote Connection Server. Usually people will install it on the same machine that the Database runs on, and this saves all the fun of file permissions and mounting. We also perform scale tests each release against it in the thousands of render clients.

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