Installing Deadline on Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon?


Hi there,
I am trying to use Deadline on a single machine running Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon, using License Free Mode to test the product and manage Houdini simulations and Redshift renders locally…
…however I can’t get past the repository installation stage.
When I try to download MongoDB using the installer it fails and says I need to manually download the MongoDB package, so I went to download the package from the website but there isn’t a version for Linux Mint, so I downloaded the current version 4.0.10 for Ubuntu 18.04 figuring it is the closest thing to Linux Mint 19, but when I point the Deadline Repository installer to that .tgz pacakge, it seesms to get past some install sections but then errors when it gets to the part about listening to the MongoDB, then I get an error like this: “There was a problem installing the MongoDB server on this machine. You may need to install MongoDB manually before continuing with this installation.”
So… I tried manually installing MongoDB from the shell using the instruction son the web page then I just got completely confused about how to even begin setting it up…
So before I try to delve into it further, am I wasting my time trying to get Deadline working on Linux Mint??
As should be obvious from this post I am a Linux beginner and find most things in Linux fairly confusing as soon as I have to go “off script” in installing software so I have very little confidence in being able to figure this out myself.
If anyone has any advice in how I can get it up and running that would be amazing, as I LOVE using Houdini in Linux Mint, it’s just such a nicer experience than Windows, and I really don’t want to go back to using Windows for my freelance work.



Hi, i have it running on Linux Mint 19.1 and it works. I also run in on Google Cloud on Ubuntu 18.04 and it works.
But i have to say in both cases what you wrote is true. I was not able to use official deadline installer to install it and had to do all manualy.

Install mongo-db manully via :

sudo apt install -y mongodb

then check if it`s running :

sudo systemctl status mongodb

If all works, you should be able to install deadline then and deadline will just add its database. Just make sure your mongo db port and and port you port you trying to install on are the same…

If you need to adjust the port or ip of the mongodb :

sudo nano /etc/mongodb.conf

good luck :slight_smile:


Wow thanks psanitra that seems to have worked!

I had to adjust a few more permissions on certain folders like the ~/Thinkbox/Deadline10/cache/ folder but now I can get the monitor up and running, just need to try submitting some renders and sims to confirm it’s all working.

Thanks again! :slight_smile: