Installing Maya submitters deletes repository /Client folder?

So, this is weird, but installing the Maya submitters for repository version via Maya-submitter-windows-installer.exe seems to actually delete the folder <repo>\submission\Maya\Client when complete.

Using the “default repository submitter” option (or similar) when asked during install. And installing for current user only.

Anyone else seeing similar things? This is the first time I’ve installed a submitter in quite some time, but there’s not that much room for user error really…


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yeah, same error, thanks for the heads up

I left all the installers settings at default, when it ran it failed as it couldn’t find the ‘scripts’ folder. I manually created the folder and it copied the two files inside and completed.


bitrock installer log is as follows

Preferred installation mode : win32
Trying to init installer in mode win32
Mode win32 successfully initialized
Preparing to Install
Preparing to Install
Executing C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Deadline10\bin/deadlinecommand.exe -GetRepositoryPath "submission/Maya/Client"
Script exit code: 0
Script output:
Script stderr:
File C:\Users\antg\Documents/maya/scripts/userSetup.mel not readable
File C:\Users\antg\Documents/maya/scripts/userSetup.mel not readable
Installation completed
Log finished 07/12/2021 at 16:14:18

I imagine the response to this will be the same as the bodged Houdini installer… use the manual instructions

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