Installing Red Giant VFX SUPERCOMP on After Effects 2020 will result in an error.


After installing Red Giant VFX SUPERCOMP in After Effects 2020, a job task error occurs.
I tried many things, but i can’t solve it with my own knowledge. Help me. :rofl:

Any ideas how I can fix this?

Kind regards,

Tomokazu Yanagimura

Version Deadline:
Adobe After Effects 2020
Red Giant VFX Suite 1.0.7


Error: After Effects returned non-zero error code: -1073741819. Check the render log.

at Deadline.Plugins.PluginWrapper.RenderTasks(String taskId, Int32 startFrame, Int32 endFrame, String& outMessage, AbortLevel& abortLevel)


Update youre graphic card driver, it worked for met

Does it work with no GPU? I’m seeing this and other Red Giant errors on farm machines.

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