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Installing second repository for development

Hey folks,

I’m by no means a programmer but I’ve grown into the role of managing and developing for deadline for our small studio. To get to the point quickly I’d like to have a second repository to freely mess with stuff without worrying about our production repo.

The issue I run into is that when I’m installing the second repository all the jobs from our production repo show up in a monitor connected to the development repo, that leads me to believe that both repos are not as seperated as would want them to be.

What would be the correct way to handle this?

Please keep in mind that while I’m pretty confident in developing scripts and plugins I barely grasp the networking/database going on in the background.

Potentially significant info: I’d like to have both repos connected to a database on the same machine and keep connecting via direct connection to at least the production repo - thats what i’ve been trying to do. Installing the repos on diffent machines would be a solution I assume but while possible I’d like to avoid this.

Hello @Kevin_N
Thanks for reaching out, happy to help here :smiley: I am replying inline with your comments.

Yup you don’t want to do that. This is because you are connecting this new Repo with the existing DB.

Please do not install on the machine which already holds DeadlineDatabase10
The best way is to install Repo on a separate machine (other than where the current DB/Repo is) and then, when the installer asks if you want to install a new DB select yes there.

There is another way to keep your test scripts separate. There is [repo]/custom/ directory in the repository so if you want to make custom (say) submission scripts you can keep them in [Repo]/custom/submission/

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