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Installing thinkbox msi remotely and silently

Is there any doc on how to install the Thinkbox .msi files remotely and silentlty on a renderfarm. I use bat files that I run from the deadline execute remote command to install vray and phoenix for example and it works great. But when i try to execute .msi for frost or xmesh for example, it doesn’t work.

For example if I try to remotely run a batch file containing this:
pushd \pathyToTheFrostMsi
start /wait MSIEXEC /i “FrostMX_1.4.1.56170_win64.msi”

it doesn’t work.

I will try to answer my own question.

There is a detailed explanation about network deployment for Krakatoa here: … der-nodes/

We just have to copy the files form one install to all the nodes. So I guess using the robocopy command in a bat file will do the job.

So I guess it will work with other thinkbox products too.

We are using group policy objects to deploy them, very handy!

Hi hristo!

I didnt know we could deploy software installation by group policy. I will look into this.

I found this article about it.

So you just have to assign a software to some computer and it will install automatically on startup?

But since I know now that we just have to copy files around what I do normally is that I create the folders with files I want to copy in sharing somewhere. Then I also put a bat file with the command robocopy like this:

robocopy “\Kurayami\softw\3D\3DSMAXPLUG@@@2015\toCopyIn3dsMax2015” “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2015” . /e
robocopy “\Kurayami\softw\3D\3DSMAXPLUG@@@2015\toCopyIn2015-64bit_ENU” “C:\Users\Strob\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2015 - 64bit\ENU” . /e

And then I run the batch file on all the computers at the same time using deadline: select all the nodes =>right-click=>remote control/ execute command=>enter the unc path to the batch file

I will still look into group policies to know what they can do.

There are a lot of advantages in doing it with group policy, and it’s cool that Thinkbox is packing them as .msi. Look it up :slight_smile:

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