Interruptible jobs, possible via pool not priority?

Hello All,

I’m trying to figure out how to make a job interruptible for pools with a higher priority, is this possible

Manual shows Interruptible goes on Priority

If I have 4 nodes assigned to different pools

r001 - poolA, poolB, PoolC, PoolD
r002 - poolB, PoolC, PoolD, poolA
r003 - PoolC, PoolD, poolA, poolB
r004 - PoolD, poolA, poolB, PoolC

Would it be possible to have an interrupt kick renders on nodes where the pool has a lower priority?


That should work, as if a job is marked as interruptible the Worker keeps doing a scan for Tasks to de-queue, making sure it’s always working on the highest priority task.

The highest priority here being determined by Job Scheduling as opposed to just the Priority field.

If that’s not working double check your Job Scheduling setup and let me know if I’m way off.

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Thanks Justin can confirm this works as expected.

Maybe worth re-wording the documentation for people like me (I assumed it was just the 'priority slider) to something like the following…

  • Job Is Interruptible : If enabled, tasks for this job can be interrupted during rendering by a job with a higher priority.

  • Job Is Interruptible : If enabled, tasks for this job can be interrupted during rendering by a job with a higher chosen priority option (pool, priority, etc.).

I have another question on this, if ‘Balanced’ is chosen as after pool, does it drop other nodes so other users can render also?

Balanced just balances the number of Worker working on each job, it doesn’t consider which user submitted the job.

If you’re trying to be sure everybody’s job is getting rendered it will do that as it’s trying to be sure each available job has a balanced number of workers assigned to it.

Thanks Justin, they way I’ve set this up is to have 2 pools, which will gives each pool equal share of the farm, then within each pool it will be balanced so everyone gets an equal turn.

Is there a way to force a ‘interruptible’ to be global?

currently I’m trying to assign it to both Redshift and V-Ray standalone, both submitters in the Monitor don’t have the option, nor do the integrated submitters have the option when exporting

You’ll have to set it with an event plugin, we’ve got one up on the github here that sets it based on pool.

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I’ve placed the two files in the events folder, but I don’t get any options in the events menu

Do I need to do something else?

You’ve got to re-name the folder to “SetJobInterruptible” so it looks for the right .param and .py files.

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