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Is there a way Worker checks for tasks instead jobs

Hi all!

We’ve seen the worker looks for jobs taking in count the groups and the pools but when it starts rendering a job, it is rendered till all task of that job are rendered.

We are looking for a way to make the worker check the pending jobs everytime it finishes a task.

This will be helpful for us in case a worker that can take Comp and 3D jobs is rendering a long 3D job and a new Comp job is queued. Normally, the Comp job will take less time to render, so that worker can finish the 3D task that is rendering, go to the new Comp job and render it, and then back to the 3D job it was rendering before.

We’ve trid this with Pool priority but seems it only check that once the whole job is finished.

Any thoughts of that?

Thanks in advace :slight_smile:


Pools are similar to Groups, except that they do affect the order in which Jobs are rendered. Because of this, it is encouraged to use Pools for prioritizing different shows, shots, types of Jobs, etc. If you don’t want to set up Pools on your farm, you can simply use the default ‘none’ Pool. Note that the ‘none’ Pool always has the lowest priority of all the Pools.

Is it possible for you to send a screenshot of how you have your pools set up and then the priorities of the shots submitted?


Yep, I think we’re using Pool priority in the right way, it works as we want but once it starts rendering a job it finishes all the tasks on that job.

What we need is if a new job arrives with a pool with higher priority than the one is rendering, once it finishes the job’s task is rendering, the new job is rendered and then comes back to the first job. ( I know there is an option to do it that stops the job and starts rendering the new one without finishing the task is rendering)

Is there a way to do that? In my mind is something like working by Task context instead of Job context hahah Maybe we only need to configure more specific pools…idk

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