Is this even possible?


Hi everyone.

I am wondering if there is a way to affect the position/behaviour of points of a sequence loaded with the Krakatoa PRT Loader.

Is there a way for x particles to affect the points loaded with krakatoa prt loader - prt surface and prt volume.

is it possible to emit(x particles) from the points loaded using krakatoa prt loader? I tried using krakatoa prt as the emitter but it dind’t work.

I am working with the kinect and prt



A PRT sequence is like a particle cache - each frame is baked to disk, and is loaded As Is.
There is currently not way to load PRTs in XP, and even less chance to further affect a baked simulation.

In the 3ds Max version of Krakatoa, we have a workaround for the native Particle Flow system where we allow PRTs to be loaded in a birth operator, and then their channels can be optionally updated, allowing the user to recreate the original motion, but also somewhat influence the baked simulation further. We have no current plans to implement anything like that for Krakatoa C4D, esp. since the XP system in not native to C4D but is a 3rd party plugin.

Note that Krakatoa C4D can save RealFlow BIN files, and I believe that XP can read BIN files, too (but I am not a C4D/XP guru, so I could be wrong). That might be something to explore, but I don’t know if you would be able to achieve what you are after…


Thanks for the great reply.