ISSUE wrapping deadline submitter in custom HDA

Hi there.

I have been using Deadline with Houdini 18 ever since 18 came out, and it has worked quite flawlessly for me.

However I am now running into a little bit of an issue. I had a caching tool that I have now today updated (basically just added a few extra nodes to further remove and optimize the data before it gets cached to disk).

However now that I have done that update when I execute “submit to deadline”

it throws me this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “opdef:/Driver/deadline?PythonModule”, line 25, in SubmitToDeadline
File “E:/repository/submission/Houdini/Main\”, line 496, in SubmitToDeadline
File “E:/repository/submission/Houdini/Main\”, line 46, in submitJobs
File “E:/repository/submission/Houdini/Main\”, line 71, in prepareNodesForSubmission
self._recursive_PrepareNodesForSubmission( self.dlNode, self.dlNode, None )
File “E:/repository/submission/Houdini/Main\”, line 145, in _recursive_PrepareNodesForSubmission
curDeps.extend( self._recursive_PrepareNodesForSubmission( futureDlNode, inputNode ) )
File “E:/repository/submission/Houdini/Main\”, line 158, in _recursive_PrepareNodesForSubmission
fetchChainDependencies = self._recursive_PrepareNodesForSubmission( futureDlNode, fetchRop, curDeps )
File “E:/repository/submission/Houdini/Main\”, line 145, in _recursive_PrepareNodesForSubmission
curDeps.extend( self._recursive_PrepareNodesForSubmission( futureDlNode, inputNode ) )
File “E:/repository/submission/Houdini/Main\”, line 145, in _recursive_PrepareNodesForSubmission
curDeps.extend( self._recursive_PrepareNodesForSubmission( futureDlNode, inputNode ) )
File “E:/repository/submission/Houdini/Main\”, line 136, in _recursive_PrepareNodesForSubmission
inputNodes = self._getInputNodes(curNode)
File “E:/repository/submission/Houdini/Main\”, line 208, in _getInputNodes
selectedInput = curNode.parm(“index”).eval()
AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘eval’

The script could not be found in the Deadline Repository. Please make sure that the Deadline Client has been installed on this machine, that the Deadline Client bin folder is set in the DEADLINE_PATH environment variable, and that the Deadline Client has been configured to point to a valid Repository.

I am not really sure what to make of this, since my caching tool worked before I made the changes, but all I really have done to update the tool is adding a few extra Sops.

Any idea where to start when trouble shooting this?

Thanks in advance.

okay so I think I have a solution here but I would like other houdini users to help me confirm this is an issue overall.

It seems that if you use a fetch node in a ropnet and pipe that into the deadline submitter it wont work if there is a switch Sop in the Sop tree connected to the Rop Geometry Output targeted by the fetch node.

If you remove the switches from your Sop tree it will not have a throw the above error.

The solution to this problem was to remove the fetch node and use the Geometry node in the rop contexts as well. Then it has no problem submitting with the deadline submitter.

Could anyone confirm that they have the same issue?

You can download an example file that I have created that produces the error.

I just reproduced the error using the test file on houdini 17.5.425 using deadline 10.1

This is arguably a shortcoming of the submitter, it unconditionally tries to get the index parameter of the incoming node (while it should probably check if it’s present first). I don’t know what the index parameter is, though :man_shrugging:

So I’ve followed along with the reproduction steps, with the test file and Houdini version.

Its not failing to submit for me, so clearly I’m doing something wrong.

Could someone who’s reproduced this error share it? Or a screenshot of your submission/scene setup I can crib notes off of?

It is as simple as this.
You can see the error in the Console bottom right corner’
Note that the fetch node in the ROP is calling the ROP geometry output node called “cache”

So my attempted reproduction didn’t even have the shape, so clearly I was doing something wrong.

But another member of the support team had @SolidAlphaVFX’s ticket and has successfully recreated the issue and create a bug report.

We can’t say how long it will take to fix, but if you’re reading this in the future and are running Deadline or older I’d consider upgrading.

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