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Jobs lose environment variables after submission (commandline submission)


we experience this often on our deadline 10 farm, but we are starting to see this with deadline 10.2.
we have changed from submitting over the rest api (dl10.0), to submitting on the command line (dl10.2) with ini files, With the hope that this issue goes away.

the great thing about having the .txt files for the command line is i can see that that environment variable is there in the file, but when i check the farm job i can see its missing from the job properties.

i can see from the job_info.txt that all the EnvironmentKeyValue are unique.

Whats the best place to start debugging this?


I didn’t understand, does the job have the EnvironmentKeyValues after it is submitted?

Thanks for the response,

I hate to answer like this, but some do, some do not.

I haven’t yet seen it drop all of the environments, but its not consistent, sometimes its one job a day missing some environments and other days 5 and some days there are no jobs with this problem.


It could be possible that the environment variable on the job key values are not sequential and it drops env vars intermittently after the sequence is broken.

Deadline only parses EnvironmentKeyValue# entries if they are sequential starting at 0. Otherwise it will just ignore them. Make sure you are passing the EnvironmentKeyValue indexes starts with 0 and is sequential without missing a number.

Some example of Good and Bad env on the job are:




Also Bad:

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