Krakatoa for 2021?


Where are we at for Krakatoa for 3ds Max 2021. Max is now at 2021.1. Can we get an update, please?


Bump BUmp BUMP. Thinkbox :slight_smile:

Come on Thinkbox.
User paid the maintenance fee.

I don’t think Thinkbox works on ANYTHING other than Deadline anymore. This is pretty sad. Yes, We paid maintenance, and got no updates.

There’s not even sdk break. The plugin will work, you just need to update the installer. Come on.

You can install it manually if you have to.

But the point is that we bought maintenance figuring that TB would continue developing the product, and adding new features, etc.

How can I install it manually? The installer looks for 3dsmax folders, and 2020 is not installed…

I had 2020 installed on the machine already. I installed to 2020 and then copied the plugin.ini lines.

Without 2020 installed, perhaps you could copy your 2021 folder and rename it 2020 for the installer. Not sure if this will work or not.

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