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Krakatoa for Cinema 4D - Turbulence FD Demo Scene

Hey and welcome, new testers!

I decided to put up a quick demo scene of a simple smoke plume simulation done with Turbulence FD and rendered with Krakatoa for Cinema 4D.


Scene (50.8 KB)

I hope this helps to understand the current workflow when working with TFD.

Cheers and have fun


Now as I have switched my licence from SR to the C4D-version and as I use DPIT Effex, is there also a working connection between the new C4D-Krakatoa and DPIT (beside the DPIT-own Krakatoa-SR-use) ?

Why would you need that if you can use the DPIT Krakatoa SR bridge?

We don’t have a connection to DPIT particles. Unlike TFD and XParticles, DPIT doesn’t have an API that we can use to get particles out of. If that happens, we might consider it.

Hmm I’ve tried to download the project, setup cache folder and hit render, and nothing happened. Just back window. Do you have any suggestions? I wasn’t able to make work TFD container with krakatoa at all. With x-particles it works fain. Thanks a lot!

Are you sure you simulated the necessary caches?

Which build of TFD are you using and which build of KC4D?

Yeah, we solved this via a Support ticket, it was the TFD version that was the problem.

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