Krakatoa for MAx 2022

Is Krakatoa dead (i think so), or could we hope support for 2022?

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User should not “hope”.
What was the maintenance fee for?

As a frost user…no longer really sure…

They did recompile for 2020 last year. I suspect this will for 2021.

Max 2022 support? Would be nice before version 2023 is out…

Don’t dream too much,
We are still waiting Frost for MAx 2021, with proper Vray 4 (next) instacing , as for frost with Vray 5 support, max 2021.1, 2021.2, 2021.3, max 2022, 2022.1 are out, as VRay 5.1 update 1, 2 and 3…and we are still waiting (forever).

I don’t really blame the team, they got directives…it’s just sad to see amazing tools, unique, to fall into limbo…

MarcoA… I feel the same… Sad, but true :frowning:

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