Krakatoa, Frost and now needs fluid plugin from thinkbox!



We all love thinkbox and its products are just amazing and very useful! (and support is on top of everything) Is there any plan or future thing for fluid sim stuff from thinkbox software?

I mean you guys already made Krakatoa and then Frost , now I wonder if you guys make something along for fluid, that will be awesome! :smiley:


I will bite. :smiley:
What exactly would a fluid simulation software from Thinkbox do better/differently than, say, Naiad, Realflow and Glu3D for liquids, FumeFX for gases and Phoenix FD for both?
As you can see, there are a lot of established and upcoming solutions available inside of Max or as stand-alone applications.
If you are dreaming of a Thinkbox simulation application, you must be missing something in them, so what exactly is it that’s missing?


1.> Price (ofcourse some of those are affordable too)

2.> There isn’t good integrated fluid stuff in max yet. and there is just one glu3d as I know. (phoenixFD, I don’t know if counted or not)

3.> Becoz it’s thinkbox, it’s cool :smiley:


Uv support allowing liquid or gaseous dissolution with physics.