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Krakatoa & FumeFX


sorry, I couldn’t find a topic about this so I started it.

Is it possible to have fumefx particles fed into Krakatoa Prt loader, or something like that?
This is an exciting feature in Max.
Krakatoa can handle different particle types and seems like This is up to FumeFx to play the rule. I mean FumeFX should export readable particles to disk so Krakatoa can read in Maya . am I right?

thank you for you great support

FumeFX for Maya comes with its own particle system, which Krakatoa can render directly, or save to disk as PRTs for later loading.
The FumeFX particles are meant to be advected by the velocity field of the FumeFX simulation in a similar manner to how you drive Particle Flow particles in Max using FumeFX Follow. So it should be possible to achieve similar results.

Hope this helps.

I’m trying the same thing now with Fumefx for Maya 3.55 and Krakatoa MY 2.32. I cannot find any way to render, export or use fumefx with krakatoa in Maya. Can you confirm if this is supposed to work?

I have not tested in recent versions, but back in the day when FumeFX for Maya came out, it worked as expected. Krakatoa MY does NOT render FumeFX simulations directly. You must create a FumeFX Particle system and advect it with the FumeFX simulation. Then you should be able to render those particles in Krakatoa.

I just checked my old FumeFX 3.50 for Maya 2013, and the FumeFX shelf contained a “Create Particle Emitter” icon and a “Create Follow Field” icon. You need to create an Emitter, and then use the Field to drive its particles based on the FumeFX velocities. If you experience any problems rendering those particles in Krakatoa MY, please let us know.

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