Krakatoa Licensing Error - bad lexical cast

We have a few floating network licenses of Krakatoa. While all other workstations are able to access Krakatoa without any problems, I am having a problem in 3ds Max 2020 when opening a file with Krakatoa Renderer assigned or when selecting the Krakatoa rendered. I get a message saying “Krakatoa Licensing Error - bad lexical cast: source type value could not be interpreted as target.”

It will then open Krakatoa but only in Evaluation Mode. I’ve tried repairing the install, but it still is giving me the error. Do you have any suggestions of what I might try or what might be corrupt?



Would you be able to check out your license logs? You’ll find that file in the folder the license server is installed in.

Additionally, since it’s just your workstation with this issue - is it the same file you get this issue with? That is to say, if you try another Krakatoa file do you get the same error?

Thanks, Justin.

I checked the log and found that I haven’t been logged as using a license for some time, possibly since the early March. None of my recent attempts have pulled a license per the log.

The last entry says the licenses was logged out and then in at the same time.

Only other message I could find about Krakatoa was a note at some point that said:

“Multiple dup-grouping in effect for krakatoa-max”

But am not sure if that is related at all.

Otherwise, it is not just on a specific file, it is on Krakatoa in general. I can’t select it as a Renderer even in a blank Max 2020 file.

Again, any assistance would be much appreciated.

That’s really odd - could you open a ticket with us at and send both your license file and your license log for us to take a look at?