Krakatoa Standalone Python API



I can see in the documentation that we should have a Python API but I can’t find any pyd file in the Krakatoa SR 2.6.3 package, any idea where it could be ? … ction.html



Good catch. I’ve asked the dev team to weigh in here.


Unfortunately, we no longer ship a Python API. The Python API had limited functionality compared to the C++ API. Are you able to make use of the C++ API? Sorry about the confusion.


Hi guys, thanks for the quick answers !

It’s a bit of a shame to not be able to use the Python one indeed. Ideally I would like to build a basic version that can help me visualizing PRT with a given camera with few basic parameters using Python easily then build the C++ version later as I can imagine that it’s probably faster anyway.

No chance that we can get even the limited Python API ?


We don’t currently have a timeline to support it. Sorry for the inconvenience.