KrakatoaSR Softimage Integration WIP

Here is a video of my work in progress for the integration of the KrakatoaSR renderer into Softimage:

Please excuse the programmer art. I don’t actually know how to make anything look good with Krakatoa yet.

Features So Far:

  •          Integrated as a renderer plug-in using KrakatoaSR’s C++ API
  •          Works with ICE driven point clouds
  •          All Krakatoa supported channels are mapped and pulled from ice if they exist (Emission, Absorption, etc)
  •          All parameters in KrakatoaSR exposed in the renderer options
  •          Region render support
  •          Scene lights can be restricted with a group
  •          Occlusion mesh support (also through a group)

Thanks for the C++ API Thinkbox.


I love what I am seeing! All thumbs up!

Try creating a lot more particles (at least one or two million) to get some stronger light/shadow action…

Looks fantastic!

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