KrakatoSR Integration for CINEMA 4D


Ah yes, you’re right.
Sorry, my fault, I oversaw that you implemented the settings for the shaders.


as the api is making a few changes, we will adapt to these, but progress is nice so far, patience will be rewarded;)


Hi Tyler, very nice to hear. :smiley:
Does your solution provide a shadow generator-feature (for shadows inside the particle-volume as well as shadows from the particles onto scene objects) ?


will see, if possible, our plugin will offer it of course.


Hi Tyler,

Even thou im glad to hear that there is a solution on the way, i would appreciate if there is any further information then told in this thread?

  • what is it called
  • can you tell when your solution will be available week/month/year/? So we can plan our projects
  • any website?



Thanks, that helped actually. There will be a color preview in the release of 2.0 too.


hey Samir, glad to hear that!

btw is there any way to to give particles a colour at birth? for example to achieve results like these: … nomobile=1
could you please also implement the krakatoa repopulation feature and particle size for non-effex-particle setups? that would make effex even more attractive!



Yes, you can add a color property (or a vector property) to your particle emitter (it is then per particle and you can assign a color variably). This color property you can then drop in the according color field in the Krakatoa settings.
A surface color operator will be available for release too.

Already did actually. Also our version is ready.


There is no particle size feature in Krakatoa afaik. One pixel size points is all it renders (+ filtering), there is no particle size setting available I’m afraid.


perfect :slight_smile:

when will it be available?


With the final release of 2.0 :slight_smile:


Official plugin with all features and based on the latest API will be released soon and for free!


very good news. Looking forward for the release of V 2.0 :smiley:

Also, very good news.
Can’t await to try out your release.
As I see from your picture, you implemented Krakatoa as a full separate renderer.
Did you test if the result can seamlessly be integrated into the main rendering of a complete scene, f.e. with Iray or Vray ?
And did you also implement finally the shaddow generator ?




hey Samir,

this is amazing! especially the osx-version!
if you could implement this as well for effex 2 final release, you would get 100 points plus for your karma :slight_smile:



We will see to implement the OSX support soon. And remember, it will be free;)




Great. Yep, will add support as soon as I get my hands on the new build :slight_smile:


any news to your solution tyler?


seems like effex is the only solution available at the moment.
we are just using it in production, its a bit weird but: its there and it works :slight_smile:

btw what about this arnold integration there? can you give any information about that, tyler? sounds interesting :slight_smile:


We have X-Particles v2 support, OSX version build ready, and are going to add more special features to make this the one-and-only solution :smiley: