KrakatoSR Integration for CINEMA 4D


Hi Tyler, is any release now available ?


literally any day now, also depends on Thinkbox afaik. You can watch a presentation here:


hey Tyler, hey Conrad,

thanks for this link! can you give any more information to this?
i would really like to use the glossiness-feature of krakatoa for a current project, BUT the deadline for this is the end of next week.
so we must have it tomorrow, otherwise we cant´t use it. could you provide the version shown in the video as a beta-testing-release?

that would be really great!
thank you


please pm me, maybe we can figure something out.


Hello everybody,
Do you have some news about the integration of KrakatoaSR into cinema 4D?

I’m really excited about the possibilities to use Krakatoa with Cinema 4D and I follow this tread everyday :mrgreen:

I have Two questions:

With this Integration, will it be possible to render Particles from Realflow/hybrido simulation “easily”? Because I’m not happy with the RFRK for particles and I tried the demo of Navié effex but it’s not simple (I managed to import particles from realflow with simple emitter but not from hybrido system) and I can’t find any documentation about what I want.

Your system will be ready for mac and windows user at the same time?

I hope to create something like that with cinema4D soon :mrgreen:

Thank a lot for your work,


As long as you have prt or bin file formats from the Hybrido cache, yes. No Problem at all, also surpassing the 10 million particles limitation.

Yes, Windows and MAC OSX already supported.


Wonderful :slight_smile: ,

I have one last question, I don’t find the answer probably because my english is bad…

They are krakatoa MX for 3DsMax and Krakatoa MY for maya but for cinema 4D the API use the Krakatoa Stand Alone Renderer…
What it mean exactly? what will be the difference betwen Krakatoa MY or MX and the Cinema 4D API?

I will comunicate the answer to the french community who use C4D :wink: .

Thank you very much,


Krakatoa SR will render the exact same images as Krakatoa MY and Krakatoa MX. All three use the same rendering engine.

I don’t know too much about the available Cinema 4D plugins, but KMY/KMX provide a lot of additional features over KSR. For example: Magma channel modification, full integration with 3dsmax/Maya’s scene objects, etc. KMY/KMX also provide many particle workflow tools which can be very handy.

Thinkbox supports all three versions KMY/KMX/KSR. The Cinema 4D plugin to KSR is supported by the developers on this thread.

I am very excited to see Krakatoa running in Cinema 4D, hopefully the integration will be on a similar level to the KMY/KMX plugins.


Thanks a lot for these informations!

Now, I or we only have to wait the release date :mrgreen:


Sorry for my impatience, Tyler, but when will it be available ?


Good thinks come to those who wait;)

Only a matter of weeks I guess. Tidying things up and such…


Now it’s december … :question:



Yay! This is very exciting indeed.

If anyone wants to get on the beta that hasn’t already, please email us here:


We dont have any Krakatoa products yet but we’re an all C4d studio so this is wonderfull news. What do i need to get on the beta program? A Krakatoa standalone render?



Hello! just stopping in to say hi! this is casey hupke, I met some of you at Siggraph before I did the presentation on the very early ugly kids beta for cinema 4d with x-particles. I am VERY excited.


Hi bonsak, you just need to email, they’ll set you up with a license, and the downloads, and all that.

Also, hi again Casey. Nice to see you on here!


Done :slight_smile:



can’t wait to test this little jewel!! maybe before christmas? btw here there is my post has requested!!


Conrad, just sent my request for exploring the beta.

Will this new plugin be charged for us C4D-users who already bought the standalone version and in case, what will it cost ?

Happy new year,


Btw. the Login doesn’t work.